Most of these are simply beloved hobbies of mine, sites that I sink free time into and use as an opportunity to learn new things/develop skills outside of professional work. These include soft skills like writing and communication on top of the chance to play around with new technology and methodologies.


Repo with some of my project code and random tidbits!


A large, extremely active writing community. The site is built on the MyBB forum framework and afforded me the chance to write plugins to extend existing functionality. The practice also allowed me to improve administration workflow by developing a suite of tools to make redundant tasks more efficient. I also developed all themes using Bootstrap in a mobile-first pattern and integrated with the Twitter API for news updates.

As a Community Manager, I am also responsible for enforcing site policy, conflict management, and addressing userbase concerns.


In order to learn Laravel (and to hold myself accountable in finishing), I am rewriting an older website that is in serious need of updating. I am providing the staff with a full portal/set of tools to upload and add site assets and to hopefully streamline a lot of their tasks. I am attempting to keep on schedule and to improve my own communication skills further by providing bi-weekly updates on the status of the recode.

The site is in a bit of a transition period currently. It is live!! We are running simple events and have a small userbase, but the styles and overall user experience is rather rough. My next step is to polish that, and I'm super excited to dig down deep into what can make a site fun and engaging for anyone using it!