PHP - Object oriented practices, frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Laravel, HACK/XHP, etc
HTML/CSS - HTML5, SASS/preprocessor styling, best practices, Bootstrap, responsive design, CSS Grid/Flex
MySQL - optimization, basic structure/best practices, normalization
Javascript - frameworks such as Angular 5, React, Vue.js, SPAs, JQuery, and vanilla
Some experience also with the following - Node.js/Express, Python, C#/Razor, Microsoft SQL Server, Java/Spring MVC
Monmouth College - Class of 2014, Bachelor of Arts, majors in both Math and Computer Science
Sogeti - Consultant, Senior Consultant - June 2014 to Sept 2016
Worked closely with business clients to suit their technology needs. Upgraded, improved, and introduced features to existing systems.
Clarity/Perficient - Engagement Engineer, Senior Technical Consultant - Sept 2016 to present
Building new software applictions based on client designs and the best technology choices available. Working extensively in both front and back end architecture to develop custom solutions/products. Doing code reviews and helping to develop documentation/enforce standards.