Welcome to my home base!

Feel free to take a look through and see some of the projects I've done in the past/have in the works now.
Quick note: This site will likely be eternally changing as I learn new things and think of fun ideas to try out. I'm a big fan of always playing with new techniques and this is basically my 'sandbox' to do so. If something doesn't work as expected, that is probably why! I'd love to hear about it, though, if you find something not working correctly!

Thanks for visiting!

About Me — I am a 23 year old software consultant currently living in the Chicago area. While I love my job, I have a real passion for web development, so frequently have side projects that I am working on using different web technologies. My current new obsessions are NodeJS and websockets.

I'm also a huge comics fan, an avid theater-goer, and an art hobbyist. If you have any questions about anything I am working on or just want to talk in general, don't be afraid to hit me up! ☻